HDR (Accreditation to direct research)


Art. 1. - The HDR (accreditation to direct research) recognizes the applicant's high scientific caliber, the originality of his/her approach in a scientific field, his/her ability to master a research strategy in a sufficiently broad scientific or technological field and his/her capacity to supervise young researchers. It enables the applicant to be considered for appointment to a university faculty.

Art. 2. - This qualification is awarded, on the one hand, by the universities and, on the other hand, by the public higher education establishments appearing on a list drawn up by the French Education Minister following consultation with the French National Council for Higher Education and Research.


The LLSH Doctoral School grants HDRs in 4 specialties:
  • Performing Arts,
  • Language and Literature,
  • Language Sciences,
  • Information and Communication Sciences.
To register for the HDR (accreditation to direct research), you must first submit an application to our doctoral school HDR committee. Once the committee has approved the application, the candidate has a maximum of two years to defend his/her work. The nature of the work required for the HDR, as well as its length, depends on the discipline.

Eligibility criteria
  • Number of publications
  • Scientific activity (participation and organization of conferences and study days, participation in scientific committees, editorial boards, membership in learned societies etc.)
  • Completed and ongoing research projects (funded or not)
  • Administrative activities related to research (setting up of funded projects)
  • Supervision activities (master’s, thesis)
  • Originality and quality of the HDR project.
Published on  July 20, 2022
Updated on July 20, 2022