Applying for the HDR (accreditation to direct research)

You will need to compile your application, including the form (box at the bottom of the page) and the supporting documents required.

You will have to specify the prospective jury and the list of external referees.

The completed and signed application must be sent by email to the LLSH HDR Committee office, in two separate PDF files (the first for the application, the second for the supporting documents) AT LEAST 6 MONTHS BEFORE the expected defense date.

The application will then be submitted to the LLSH HDR Committee, then to the Doctoral College (this phase can take up to 1 month).

You will be notified by email of your authorization to enroll. This authorization is valid for two years.

Upon receipt, you can begin your administrative enrollment.

Jury Composition Rules:
According to the current ministerial decree, "The jury is appointed by the president or dean of the institution. It is composed of at least five members chosen from among the faculty members accredited to direct research in public higher education establishments, the deans and research supervisors of public scientific and technological institutions and, at least half of which must be French or foreign personalities from outside the institution and recognized for their scientific expertise.

At least half of the jury must be made up of professors or equivalent.
The external referees:
The three external referees will be chosen for their expertise and must be accredited to direct research. Two of these external referees must not be members of the faculty of the institution in which you have submitted your application.
Published on  July 20, 2022
Updated on July 20, 2022