The Training Program

There are two main sources of training program: courses from the "catalog" (provided by the College or the doctoral school on campus), and "non-catalog" courses, which you can find elsewhere for additional tailor-made training and have validated by the doctoral school.

Training course catalogues

- Professional integration training courses and Transversal training courses are offered and run by the Doctoral College. Browse the Doctoral College catalogue.

Reminder, a research ethics course is mandatory.

- Scientific training courses, and occasionally, professional integration training courses, are offered by the LLSH Doctoral School. The 2022-23 catalog will be available on this page by summer 2022.

Non-catalog training courses

Don't be surprised if you can' t find all the courses you need in the catalogs. A thesis training course is always highly specialized.

In order to enable you to take additional courses adapted to your individual career path, you may request to attend and validate "non-catalog" courses. You can choose these courses; they must be included in the list of courses that can be validated. To do so, please refer to the HF hours validation scale (see box at the bottom of the page).

Enrollment in a catalog training course (organized by the Doctoral College and the LLSH Doctoral School)

Enroll via your personal ADUM account.

Please note: courses are put online as and when they become available (due to logistical constraints), and disappear as soon as the maximum number of participants is reached. Please check ADUM regularly.
The courses are only open if there are enough participants.

Please respect the enrollment procedure and calendar, and inform your Doctoral School in case of withdrawal: your place will be put back on ADUM for another PhD student.

IMPORTANT: No course in the catalogue can be validated if you do not fill out the satisfaction questionnaire at the end of the course.

Published on  July 20, 2022
Updated on September 28, 2022