LLSH Doctoral School - Applying

Application procedure for the first year of the thesis

Enrollment in the PhD program is granted by the head of the institution, on the proposal of the doctoral school dean, following the opinion of the thesis supervisor and the director of the research unit and, from the second enrollment onwards, of the PhD student's individual follow-up committee [legifrance].

A PhD charter outlines the commitments to be respected by all those involved in a PhD project (downloadable at the bottom of the page).

To apply for a PhD, you must have determined your subject, written a project and obtained the commitment of a thesis supervisor to supervise you throughout your studies. The latter must belong to a laboratory that is itself affiliated with the LLSH Doctoral School.

You will find here the specialties of each LLSH Doctoral School colleague accredited to direct research.

You can also contact a doctoral school laboratory, a research unit , who will be able to forward your request to all its members who are accredited. General contacts can be found on each laboratory’s website. A thesis proposal and a résumé must be attached.

A more targeted request can sometimes be a better way to make contact if you need to discuss a potential project.
You can also ask your laboratory if there are any particular procedures at their level. The Gresec, for example, will ask you for a specific application. Your potential thesis supervisor will be able to guide you on this point.

The eligibility criteria set by the doctoral school are as follows:

  • Hold a French master's degree (if necessary, an exemption request must be submitted to the exemption commission - see the form at the bottom of the page)
  • To have obtained a GPA over the four semesters of the Master's 12/20 or higher and to have obtained at least 14/20 in the thesis)
  • Have a B2 to C1 level in French
  • Be able to show sufficient financial resources for the duration of the thesis.
The application procedure is entirely electronic, online, via the ADUM platform. There are two phases:


  • Enter your application online via the ADUM platform.
  • Edit your academic application, sign it and have it signed by your thesis supervisor and laboratory director. Send it by e-mail, in a single PDF file, to the doctoral school before the dates laid out in the calendar below.
  • Upon reception, your application will be examined by the doctoral school and in case of exemption, by the institution (Doctoral Exemptions Commission – CD3).
  • You will be notified by e-mail as soon as possible.
  • You will be contacted by the doctoral school for the ADMINISTRATIVE ENROLLMENT PHASE (fee payment and delivery of the student card).

Published on  July 13, 2022
Updated on April 4, 2023