Re-enrollment procedure

Re-enrollment in a thesis is mandatory and must be renewed each year.
To this end, you must update your thesis follow-up report at the beginning of each academic year from your personal ADUM account. PhD students defending their thesis between September 1st and December 31st do not have to re-enroll.

Please note: from the end of the 1st year ( transition to the 2nd year), you MUST attend your interview with the Individual follow-up committee (CSI) before you start the enrollment process. Generally, the interview takes place between May and September. The report form must be included in the supporting documents to be provided in your re-enrollment application.

If you have specific thesis funding, you are considered a full-time PhD student. Therefore, after the third year, and for each further re-enrollment request, your application must be examined by the Doctoral College Exemptions Commission (CD3) (one commission per month starting in September and during the enrollment period - see calendar below). The file must be sent to the ED no later than 7/07/2023 for examination at the last committee meeting on 13/07/2023.
PhD students who do not have funding will have their application examined as of the 7th application for re-enrollment.

Re-enrollment for the thesis takes place in 2 phases:

First phase: academic enrollment
You must:
Update your ADUM profile, print your application from ADUM and have it signed by your thesis supervisor AND laboratory director, Send your completed application and all required supporting documents to the doctoral school by e-mail IN A SINGLE PDF file.
The application must contain :
  • the thesis follow-up report (RST)
  • the CSI (Individual follow-up committee) report form
  • A progress report ( approximately 1 page)
Second phase: administrative enrollment (contact person: Doctoral College Registrar’s Office)
Once your application has been approved by the doctoral school dean, you will be able to enroll. The Doctoral College Registrar's Office will contact you directly to inform you of the administrative enrollment procedure and the documents to provide.
Administrative re-enrollment is mandatory and must be renewed at the beginning of each academic year.

NB: Suspending a thesis for medical reasons and taking a break do not exempt you from enrolling.

Reminder: PhD students in joint supervision must also re-enroll each year in both partner universities, even if the fees are waived. In the event of an extension after the 4th year, an amendment to their agreement must be drawn up. The signing of an amendment can take several months. It is important to ensure that the document is available (signed by all parties) at the beginning of the academic year for re-enrollment purposes. If the joint supervision is not up to date, re-enrollment will not be possible.
Updated on  April 4, 2023