LLSH Doctoral School contracts (institutional contracts)

Funding your PhD studies
Each year, the doctoral school issues a call for applications for doctoral contracts.
The doctoral contract is a fixed-term contract between the State and a PhD student to allow the latter to devote himself/herself fully to his/her research work for the preparation of his/her thesis. It is valid for three years. It is a moral commitment of the future PhD student and his/her supervisor to the successful completion of the thesis through its defense.

(cf. doctoral school rules and regulations) - Applications that do not meet the following criteria will not be accepted:

  • Hold a master's degree* with a research paper AND
  • have obtained an average of 12/20 or more for the four semesters AND
  • have obtained a grade for the thesis equal to or higher than 14/20.
NB: PhD students registered in the first year of their thesis in 2023/24 can also apply to this campaign.

As the dossiers must be evaluated by the research units (laboratories) several weeks before the deadline for sending them to the ED, please contact your research unit to find out about the internal timetable for the laboratory.

The file must be sent to the Doctoral School :
- by the candidate
- by e-mail, exclusively to this e-mail address (ed-llsh@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr)
- in a SINGLE zipped folder, containing 2 PDF files (1 for the dossier, 1 for the dissertation; if the dissertation is online, please indicate the URL link)
NO LATER THAN midnight on Tuesday 18 JUNE 2024

An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent by return mail but NO NOTIFICATION concerning the completion of the application will be sent to the applicants.

For more details on the composition of the application and other criteria, please refer to the Call for applications, which can be downloaded below.
Updated on  April 23, 2024