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The ABG (Association Bernard Gregory), the CPU and the Medef announce the launch of DocPro, a database of PhD graduate skills and experiences. This service enables graduates to describe their skills on the basis of criteria that are understood and recognized by companies.
The aim of DocPro is to promote the integration and evolution of doctors in business thanks to the recognition of their potential and their skills. DocPro also enables companies to publicize the skills profiles they are looking for in order to generate interest among doctors.

DocPro was developed by a working group of representatives from business and academia. The group, led by the ABG, set out to define the skills that a doctor develops at each stage of his/her career. The result is the identification, formulation and definition of 24 key skills grouped into four categories: core business, personal and interpersonal skills, business management and value creation, and strategy and leadership.

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Published on  July 20, 2022
Updated on July 20, 2022