Individual follow-up committee - CSI

A PhD student's Individual Follow-up Committee meets with him/her at the end of each year, in a supportive atmosphere, to ensure that the thesis is progressing well (this is not a pre-defense, but only to see if the timetable is being respected and is realistic, if everything is going well for the PhD student, e.g. in terms of access to documents, data collection and analysis, training, and thesis development) and that there are no conflicts, discrimination or harassment. At the request of the PhD student, the CSI (Individual follow-up committee) can discuss issues related to the research, but the CSI is not intended to replace the thesis supervisor.

Procedure & documents to be filled out

LLSH Doctoral School PhD students:
  1. include the "CSI installation form" in their application for the first year of their PhD. The CSI members remain the same throughout the thesis, except for major problems to be reported to the doctoral school.
  2. Every year, on applying for re-enrollment, they contact their CSI members to organize a face-to-face meeting (generally by videoconference). The schedule of the CSI is set by the doctoral school and communicated by the laboratories. To prepare for this meeting, they send the "CSI report form" to the CSI members, having completed the questionnaire in the first section. Additional documents deemed useful can be sent, but are not required.
After the meeting with the CSI
  • the members give the PhD student the completed report form,
  • The PhD student then forwards part B to his/her supervisors and, if the laboratory so requests, to the laboratory directors. Part A remains confidential and is only sent to the doctoral school.
  • If the form raises problems, the PhD student must also immediately send it to the doctoral school management team. If this is not the case, he/she will include it in his/her re-enrollment application.
Published on  July 20, 2022
Updated on September 28, 2022