How should the defense be organized?

Information for supervisors
For rules on jury composition, submission deadlines, and other useful information, read the PhD supervision vademecum (“Key resources” below). If you have any questions that are not answered, please contact the doctoral school.
The PhD student enters the jury composition proposal on ADUM. This proposal is then checked by the doctoral school, which will come back to you if there is a problem. It is important to leave time before the defense to solve any issues.
The laboratories are responsible for logistical costs related to the defense.

Important: the supervision and support of PhD students also applies to thesis defense preparation. Once the pre-defense reports have been received, we strongly recommend, especially if the criticisms are severe enough, that you help the PhD student find the best answers, or even prepare a simulation of the thesis defense to reassure him/her (in a one-to-one meeting or in a laboratory seminar), in order to avoid a situation where the PhD degree is not awarded at the end of the defense.
Updated on  July 13, 2022