I have accepted a student; what documents should I help him/her submit for his/her PhD application to the LLSH doctoral school?

Information for supervisors
Once the project has been accepted by an HDR (accredited to direct research) colleague, it must be accepted by the doctoral school. The list of supporting documents can be found on the doctoral school's website, here ; in particular, you must provide :
  • a form for setting up the CSI (Individual follow-up committee), which determines the colleagues who will sit on this committee at the end of the first year of the thesis (at least 2, including at least 1 HDR (accredited to direct research) member and 1 member from outside the laboratory). The members are chosen by the laboratory director, in consultation with the PhD student and in agreement with the doctoral school management team; you may be asked to recommend colleagues (see the rules of conflict of interest in the Rules and regulations, at the bottom of this page).
  • a provisional schedule of work: it must be as realistic as possible, and take into account the time needed to complete the 120 hours of training courses, and to prepare papers and articles.
On this occasion, you and your PhD students must clarify your respective working methods, preferred methods of contact, what is important for the well-being of each party. This step, which is too often ignored, is crucial to avoid any misunderstanding.
Updated on  July 13, 2022