If a student contacts me to supervise his/her thesis, can I do so?

Information for supervisors
A supervisor or co-supervisor is HDR (accredited to direct research) and is responsible for the thesis. A thesis advisor brings his/her scientific expertise, but does not have this additional responsibility; he/she does not necessarily have the HDR (accreditation to direct research), and cannot supervise more than 50% of the thesis.
If you are about to take your HDR accreditation to direct research you may, in very exceptional circumstances, request a "one-time approval" to supervise a thesis. The request must be made to the doctoral school, and is examined by the doctoral college's CD3 (Doctoral Exemptions Commission). Only one "one-time approval", for a single thesis, can be granted during your career.
If you already supervise theses, make sure that you do not exceed your maximum supervision rate: 6 PhD students or 500% (whichever comes first). For example, if you have 1 PhD student at 100% and 2 PhD students at 50% each, your total is 3 PhD students and 200%.
Updated on  July 13, 2022