What is my role during the PhD?

Information for supervisors
(excerpt from the doctoral school's rules and regulations) "The thesis supervisors undertake, in accordance with the Université Grenoble Alpes PhD Charter, to:
  • help the PhD student to integrate into the academic and scientific community in his/her field of research,
  • ensure that the PhD student follows the proposed study plan,
  • ensure that he/she has the material and financial means necessary to carry out his/her project
  • hold regular discussions with the PhD student to ensure that his/her research, skills acquisition and thesis drafting are progressing well,
  • propose an active contribution to the writing of articles in peer-reviewed journals in which the PhD student’s name will appear,
  • encourage the PhD student to engage in activities to promote and communicate his/her research work.
In the case of a co-supervision, the responsibility for the scientific supervision is shared.”
Please note:
  • Face-to-face discussions, in person or by videoconference, are strongly recommended. "Without being an absolute rule, the UGA recommends a minimum of one monthly meeting between the PhD student and his/her thesis supervisors." ( Doctoral College Rules and Regulations, article 7)
  • If a PhD student does not contact you regularly, ask for appointments; if he/she no longer responds to your messages, report it immediately to the laboratory directors and the doctoral school management team, so that they can help you find solutions.
Updated on  July 13, 2022