International mobility grants

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This international mobility grant covers, first and foremost, transportation and accommodation costs for a research trip abroad required for the work of young PhD students (excluding conferences and seminars abroad). This is a one-time grant, awarded only once during the thesis.

There are two types of international mobility covered by this funding:

  1. - invitation by an overseas laboratory
  2. OR field research that is essential for the thesis.

The doctoral school offers international mobility grants of up to 1 000 € to fund part of a research trip required for the work of young PhD students (excluding conferences and seminars abroad).

The number of grants awarded each year depends on the doctoral school budget.
is in addition to any funding that may be granted by your laboratory for the project in question.
Firstly, you must inform your laboratory of your travel project and obtain a mission order (MO), even if there are no expenses.
Without this, if the grant is awarded, the doctoral school will not be able to pay it to the laboratory. No payment can be made to the PhD student's personal bank account.

In addition to the standard of the application, the assessment will consider whether the trip is relevant to the research work.



  • have completed the administrative re-enrollment process (or have submitted a completed and signed academic re-enrollment application at the time of request)
  • not have received this grant for the current year


  • PhD students in their first year of study are not eligible.
  • PhD students with a doctoral contract are not given priority in the application process (depending on the available budget).

How to apply:

The completed application, must ONLY be sent to the doctoral school, electronically in a single PDF file.

It must include :

  • ( if invited by a laboratory) a letter of invitation from the director of the host laboratory(ies) abroad or from a scientific figure in that country.
  • a letter of support from the thesis supervisor which will be countersigned by the laboratory director.
  • a provisional budget with corresponding estimates (transportation, accommodation)

All applications received will be submitted to the doctoral school board.

The beneficiary must send a report (approximately 5 pages) to the doctoral school dean and the thesis supervisor within three months of his/her return.

Updated on  March 9, 2023