What are the initial stages?

Information for supervisors
Accepting to supervise a thesis implies considering that it can be completed within the allotted time: ideally, 3 years for a "full-time" thesis (whether it is covered by a doctoral contract or not), 6 years for a "part-time thesis". A request to re-enroll exceptionally can be made if the thesis has progressed well, but has not been completed, at the end of this period; but it cannot be overused.
Given the responsibility of supervisors, it is important to carefully consider:
  • The quality of the written project: it must show 1) a good understanding of existing core research; 2) an original contribution by the thesis, clarified and forming a research question to which an answer can be given in the time frame and space of a thesis. the student's expertise in conducting research: it is imperative to read the student’s master's thesis, even if it was on a different subject (research methodology, quality of the scientific language) and to check the master's transcript (minimum requirements: 12 GPA, 14 for the thesis). Please note: If the master's degree was obtained outside France, an exemption from the French Master's program must be requested in the application, certifying the equivalence of the degree.
  • The quality of the student's scientific language: the only authorized languages for writing are French or, by special dispensation, English (a summary of approximately 30 pages in French must be included with the thesis when it is submitted for defense). For joint supervision theses only (and not simple co-supervision with a foreign colleague), the language of the joint supervisor's country is also accepted. Experience shows that a C1 level in writing in the language is necessary.
  • The material conditions for the PhD: decent living conditions, access to the required scientific resources, ability to free up 50% of time for a part-time thesis.
Updated on  July 13, 2022