Who decides whether a PhD student can continue his/her thesis?

Information for supervisors
Each year, a PhD student must submit a re-enrollment application. Re-enrollment is not conferred automatically; your opinion and that of the CSI (individual follow-up committee) is considered. If one and/or the other is negative, or if major doubts arise, the doctoral school management team can express a negative opinion. It is then up to you and your PhD student to find a solution. The re-enrollment application is then carefully reviewed by the Doctoral College's CD3 (Doctoral Exemptions Commission).
  • Do not remain alone if you encounter difficulties (of any kind), if you have questions; the doctoral school management team is available to listen and help you.
Beyond the 4th year (full-time thesis) or 7th year (part-time thesis), applications for re-enrollment are systematically examined by the CD3 (Doctoral Exemptions Commission), after an opinion from the doctoral school management team.
Updated on  July 13, 2022